Slice is propelled by AlphaValue, the leading independent equity research firm in Europe.
Based in Paris and Frankfurt, our 30 top ranked analysts are issuing disciplined recommendations
on 480 stocks in 31 sectors across 17 EU countries, aimed at professional investors.

Why Slice?

Pierre-Yves GAUTHIER
Head of Research at ALPHAVALUE

Research is more than ever biased. With stocks coverage shrinking overall, we are now ending up with research which is mostly sponsored research or promotional documents for IB activities. Slice helps craft a research aligned with investors’ best interests.

We deliver!

The Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards are recognized as the gold standard in objective measurement of sell-side analyst performance. They measure the performance of sell-side analysts based on the returns of their buy/sell recommendation relative to industry benchmark.

Trusted by investors

Extel conducts market studies across all three sides of the European Equities investment community, delivering a comprehensive range of rankings. The Extel Survey is the largest study of its kind worldwide, with over 11,300 participants casting more than 906,000 votes.